February 25, 2020

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Blacklisted hospitals can also visit health insurance customers in emergency

IRDA has changed the rules related to hospitalization in Pre-Existing Disease and Emergency for the convenience of health insurance customers. According to the earlier rule, if there was a disease within three months after purchasing health insurance, the claim could be dismissed. Insurance regulator IRDA said that this caused the customer to face uncertainty. Because no one, either the customer or the insurance company, could say the claim when the disease arose. According to the new rules, the company cannot dismiss the claim if a new disease is revealed in the first three months. In the earlier rules, the company could have rejected the claim by treating high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problem as pre-exhaustion.

Claim to be admitted even if admitted in blacklisted hospital in case of heart attack

According to a report in the Times of India, the regulator has made another change in the rules regarding emergency hospitalization. Earlier, the claim of a blacklisted hospital was accepted only in the case of emergency accident. According to the new rules, blacklisted hospitalization has been included in the coverage of insurance even in circumstances like heart attack or stroke.

Birth control expenses will also be covered

According to the change in rules on Monday, insurance companies will also have to cover the cost of birth control. Earlier, the expenses of berth control, sterility and infertility treatment were not covered. Morning Pills, Aboriginal Pills or Abortion related expenses will be covered further.